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the doctor's phone number...

07700900461  if you want to know....



who would have thought the Doctor has a BT mobile :-D (I thin 077 is BT, isn't it?)

I wonder how many people tried phoning that number tonight...


I Did!! Sad eh!
I did too!!!

Yep, I know I'm sad :p

How freaking awesome was that ep though!

DT cannot regenerate! Can he?!? :o
he's contracted till 2010... so he regenerates into... himself? It's something to do his hand...
I was sat there thinking noooooo there can be no regeneration. I think DT is doing a super job. Really wondering what will happen now.


BBC Trick?

www.07700900461.mobi will take you to the BBC Dr. Who site. Quite clever, but how many people actually did that!? I don't think many people caught on to that idea. Nice try Beeb!


Re: BBC Trick?

'. . . how many people actually did that?'
Well, I did for one, and you must have too to know that, or if you didn't, someone must have before you to tell you about it. I reckon quite a few people had the same idea. Nice trick.


You are currently one of only two results on Google for that number.

Re: Congratulations!

i know! only one short of a googlewhack! :-P
Maybe you need a different network. Or a different mobile.

the hatter
Oh yeah, see also http://www.ofcom.org.uk/telecoms/ioi/numbers/num_drama which included that prefix in the reserved list.

the hatter
Go on then, what's your email address?
I is on your livejournal, stalking u ineptly.
ooh! I is being scared :P